Technology Transfer
Jawwad A. Darr - Knowledge Transfer Champion for Maps Faculty  

I am a Professor of Chemistry (from Oct 2011) at UCL who is working on developing clean and continuous technologies for nanoceramic production towards nano-enabled products (fuel cell materials, photocatalysts, biomedical nanoparticles, CO2 catalysts, etc).  Knowledge Transfer has been an important part of academic career and I have been involved from the very start via interactions between numerous industries and several technology transfer network organisations and with technology transfer officers.  I was a LTN fellow between 2001- 2007 (currently alumni) and underwent a large amount of business training for academics which completely changed my approach to research and industry interactions. Current funded research has been at the chemistry-materials-chemical engineering interface, developing novel process engineering and synthetic strategies for high value manufactured nano-enabled products with several partners.

Since arriving at UCL, I have developed strong intradepartmental and inter–departmental academic and industrially facing collaborations. Most of my funding has been prestigious EPSRC funding and more recently I have begun to apply and win TSB funding.  I am also involved in helping others to network better and establish industry facing activities.  In the forthcoming years I am seeking to spinout the research on pilot plant scale nanoceramics production facility with the help of UCLB and potential investors. 

As KT Champion for MAPs for 2012, I will focus on the following in particular;

  1. Assess strategic need, opportunities for raising awareness and opportunities for targeted industrial engagement in MAPS’s departments.
  2. Assist in updating the MAPS strategy for Enterprise.
  3. Work with academics in MAPS to better publicise their expertise externally and maximize emerging commercial opportunities via www and other media (see below). 
  4. Deliver awareness raising industry events (see below)
  5. Liaise with UCL advances re training to ensure that events compliment their programme
  6. Support MAPS Enterprise Forum
  7. Represent BEAMS within the student enterprise working group
  8. Undertake my own programme of KT activity associated with nanotech,
Attending KTN events both nationally and internationally for promoting KT activities at UCL and my own activities
Get in contact!

A number of events are currently at the planning stage for 2012 and if you would like to suggest an idea for an event (and people who would be interested in planning the event), please get into contact with me on  I can assist in securing funds for the event from UCL to cover all reasonable costs (posters, food etc). Ideally the event will be for UCL academics in MAPs and will be over ½ to a whole day and involve at least 10 industry attendees.  If you are also interested in appearing in a short www video about your (industry facing) research, get in contact also as we are planning to do some of these also.  So far I have run events in nanomedicine and electrochemical innovation.