List of Schools/Training Lectures
2008 - 2010

Half day workshop for 25 (pre–A level) children from Walthamstow Hall School on “Nano and photoactive smart materials”.  Activities on the day included practical experiments and measurements of dye concentration using UV/Vis spectrometer and photocatalytic dye tests on coated glass slides.  The Children also saw a demonstration of RAMSI the synthesis robot and other liquid handling apparatus ion action (Crosby Medley, K. Thompson, Suela Kellici and Tian Lin supported the day’s events) July 2008 – 2010.


Ran a series of lectures and training seminars during a three–day grant writing and networking workshop to younger academics in Pakistan in the IRC in Biomedical Materials, COMSATS University, Lahore Campus, Ravind Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Subjects covered included how to become a more effective networker, how to interface with industry, a mock grant panel for Pakistani academics and grant writing.  15–17th December 2008


Lecture to School teachers entitled 'Green Chemistry, nanotechnology and a sustainable future' at the UCL / LCTC (London Chemistry Teachers' Centre) on Saturday 7th March 2009.


One Day Workshop on “effective networking and how to interface with industry, held at the 2nd PSoBTE Meeting on Biomedical Materials, King Edward Medical College Lahore, Pakistan, July 2010

Resources for Teachers
Photocatalysis and Nanotechnology
Our group has previously organised student lectures followed by experiments at UCL. 
This is a link to the Lecture on Photocatalysis and Nanotechnology [lecture] and Lab script to do an experiment [lab script]
Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

A link to a document detailing the manufacture of dye sensitized solar cells (conducted in our laboratory) [manual]
Associated files
COSHH Risk Assessment
Titanium dioxide (P25) MSDS
Iodine solution MSDS

Solar production of hydrogen [weblink]
Robot on beamline [weblink]
RAMSI (robot) making nanoceramics [weblink]