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July Jawwad Darr gave an invited lecture at MPA Nanotech in Alvor, Portugal entitled “Scale-up of Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis Reactors; Controllable and Combinatorial Methods for Nanoceramics Production”
June Jawwad Darr is shortlisted for the "Provost's Spirit of Enterprise Award". Click here to view the nomination video
June Jawwad Darr gave a lecture at IOP, UK entitled “Nanomaterials for Energy Applications”
June Jawwad Darr gave a lecture at Bath University (UKIF meeting) entitled “Small Nanoparticles on a Big scale; From Discovery to Pilot Plant”
5th January
Jawwad Darr gave a lecture at Queens University Belfast, SPC Photocatalysis meeting entitled “Photocatlaysis; Does Size Matter?”
November Chris Tighe gave a lecture in Berlin entitled "Scale-up of a Green and Continuous Hydrothermal Process for the Manufacture of Nanoparticles"
16th November Jawwad Darr gave a lecture at Department of Physics, Kings College London, entitled “From lab to market: Green chemistry and nanoceramics for energy”
August Jawwad A. Darr gave a presentation (UK-Japanese Symposium) entitled "Continuous Hydrothermal synthesis of nanomaterials" at UCL
August Jawwad A. Darr gave a presentation entitled "Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanomaterials" at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) in Beijing, China
Jawwad A. Darr is promoted to Professor in Materials Chemistry (effective from October 2011)
5th July
Jawwad A. Darr chaired a conference session and gave an invited presentation entitled "Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanoceramics; From Laboratory to Pilot Plant' at UK Colloids 2011, De Vere Hotel, Canary Wharf
28th June
Jawwad A. Darr chaired a conference session and gave an invited presentation entitled "Advanced Manufacturing Scale-Up Production of Nanoparticles for Industrial Applications" at the 5th MPATECH Nanotech Conference held in Alvor, Portugal
21st June
Jawwad A. Darr gave an invited presentaiton entitled "Making nanoceramics in a safe, clean, continuous and controlled manner; from lab to pilot plant" in industry
16th June
Jawwad A. Darr gave a presentation entitled "Nanomaterials for electrochemical devices" at the UCL Electrochemical Innovation Networking Event (including launch of the EI Network)
9th June
Jawwad A. Darr gave an invited presentation entitled "High value manufactured nanoproducts for industry - en route to spinout?" at Nanomaterials 2011 International Conference in London. Over 140 attendees were present of which ca. 50% were from industry
15th April
Jawwad A. Darr gave a presentation entitled "Nanoceramics for Biomedical Applications" at the UCL Nanomedicine Networking Event. Over 100 delegates were present from UCL and industry
12 - 13th April
Jawwad A. Darr gave an invited presentation entitled "Combinatorial direct solid state syntheses from nanoceramic precursors; is this the end of shake and bake?" at the BCA meeting held at Keele University
October Kathryn Thompson passes PhD viva with minor corrections
October On Ying Wu joins as PhD student
September Jawwad A. Darr talk on "High Throughput Nanoceramics Discovery - Efficient Continuous Hydrothermal Automation for Synthesising Photocatalyst Nanomaterials" at the SCI meeting on Photocatalysis held at UCL
August JAD talk on "Continuous Hydrothermal Nanoceramics Synthesis; from Combinatorial to Pilot Plant" UK-China Forum on Advanced Processing /Manufacture of Materials and Nanostructures, JC Marriott Hotel Shanghai, China
July JAD talk on "Biomaterials; Future trends and Directions" 2nd PSoBTE Meeting on Biomedical Materials, King Edward Medical College Lahore, Pakistan, July, 2010
- JAD talk on "High throughput hydrothermal nanoceramics synthesis and discovery using automation" ISHA 2010 Conference, Beijing China
July JAD talk on "Environmentally Friendly Routes to Nanoceramics Discovery and Scale-up, Zhezhiang University, Hangzhou, China
July One Day Workshop on "effective networking and how to interface with industry, held at the 2nd PSoBTE Meeting on Biomedical Materials, King Edward Medical College Lahore, Pakistan
July Half day workshop for 25 (pre-A level) children from Walthamstow Hall School on "Nano and photoactive smart materials". Activities on the day included practical experiments and measurements of dye concentration using UV/Vis spectrometer and photocatalytic dye tests on coated glass slides. The Children also saw a demonstration of RAMSI the synthesis robot and other liquid handling apparatus ion action (Crosby Medley, K. Thompson, Suela Kellici and Tian Lin supported the day's events)
June JAD talk on"High Performance Engineered Nanomaterials: From University to Market" Nanomaterials 2010, Jurys Hotel, London
May EPSRC funding £1.1 M on Origins of Life Project for reduction of CO2 from the air
12th April JAD talk on"High Throughput Nano Photocatalyst Synthesis and Discovery; Automated Continuous Hydrothermal Reactors" at SP3 (Semiconductor Photocatalysis) on in Glasgow
27th Apri talk on "Continuous hydrothermal synthesis of nanoparticles: measurements of particle size distribution using dynamic light scattering" At the World Conference of Particle Technology, Nuremburg [Lecture given by PDRA T. Lin]
7th April JAD talk on"High Throughput Nanomaterials at a workshop at Diamond, RAL, Oxfordshire
1st March JAD talk on "High Throughput Nanoceramics Synthesis with RAMSI, the Rapid Automated Materials Synthesis Robot" at Department of Chemistry, Cardiff University (RSC divisional lecture)
5th March JAD talk on "Nanomaterials for Energy Applications; from Water Splitting Devices to Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development" ETH Zurich, Department of Materials (during EU Nanomission to Europe)
4th March Josie Talk on "An Automated Liquid and Nanoparticle Slurry Handling Combinatorial Nanoceramics Synthesis Robot"" at ELRIG event on Liquid Handling and Label Free Detection Technologies at Whittlebury Hall, Silverstone, UK
23rd March JAD talk on "A New High Throughput and Safer Green Technology for Nanophosphor Syntheses" at the Phosphors Global Summit in San Diego USA
26th January "Recent Developments in Robots and Nanoparticles" at UCL chemistry Department
December TSB project on nanoparticle inks awarded
October Talk on "High Throughput Discovery of Nanoceramics for Energy, Healthcare and Security Applications" at the Department of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen
3rd September Josies Goodal gave a talk on "Continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis of materials for UV attenuation and photocatalysis" at Nanoparticles 2009 conference held at Liverpool University
10th April RAMSI is completed
1st April Jawwad A. Darr gave an invited lecture at the Advanced Functional Materials conference (RSC Spring Solid State Group meeting)
15 - 17th March Lecture to school teachers entitled "Green chemistry, nanotechnology and a sustainable future" at the UCL/LCTC (London Chemistry Teachers' Centre)
March Josie Goodall gave a lecture at the CIKTN Associates meeting
February Jawwad A. Darris awarded a visiting professorship at the IRC in Biomedical Materials, COMSATS University, Lahore, Pakistan. The mission of the IRCBM is to develop biomedical materials and implants
21st January Jawwad A. Darr gave an invited lecture to both industrialists and academics entitled "Throughput Nanoceramics Discovery" at the London Technology Network one day seminar on "Advances in Smart Materials"
15th January Jawwad A. Darr gave a keynote lecture at the Biomaterials Chemistry Group 4th Annual Meeting entitled "Use of Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Technology for the Synthesis of Substituted Nanoceramics and Their Transparent High Strength Sintered Monoliths" at SCI, Belgrave Square, London
7th January SPC Network meeting, Glasgow University, talks given by nearly half of the CMTG
December Jawwad ran a series of lectures and training seminars during a three-day grant writing and networking workshop to younger academics in Pakistan in the IRC in Biomedical Materials, COMSATS University, Lahore Campus, Ravind Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Subjects covered included how to become a more effective networker, how to interface with industry, a mock grant panel for Pakistani academics and grant writing
December Jawwad visits the IRC in Biomedical Materials, COMSATS University, Lahore, Pakistan. The mission of the IRCBM is to develop and commercialise biomedical materials and implants within 5 years
8th September 10th ISHA Conference in Nottingham (hydrothermal and solvothermal meeting)
5th September UCL/JM research day hosted by Chemistry
4th September UCL workshop on high throughput materials discovery
September Scale-up project
September Sam Alexander, Sofia Elouali and Rob Gruar join the group as PhD students
August Green Chemistry Gordon Conference
30th June High throughput robot for hydrothermal flow synthesis delivered to UCL
25th June First experiments (high throughput) of the group at Diamond Light Source
23rd June Aqif Chaudhry has PhD viva
13th June Paul Boldrin has PhD viva
1st - 5th June Zhice Zhang and Xiaole Weng give talk at the NSTI Nanotech conference in USA
June Annual group BBQ at Jawwad's house
June Suela goes to ESRF (France) with Pual Barnes's group for more experiments on nano-ceria (in total this is the third visit of the group)
May visits to XPS (EPSRC access scheme visit)
May EPSRC project begins on Nanocrystalline Photodiodes: Novel Devices for Water Splitting
March Jawwad goes back to (XRD) school
March Full paper of Xiaole Weng published for "Direct Syntheses of La-Ni-O phases from nano-sized crystallites in Journal of Solid State Chemistry
March Kenan Gong has PhD viva
March High Resolution TEM in Oxford - the first pictures including 2D sheets of titanates
March EPSRC funded 3 year Project: Nanocrystalline Photodiodes: Novel Devices for Water Splitting
4 - 5th February Nanoparticles 2008 conference is held at Bradford Media Museum - see photos of the wonderful 2 days (X. Weng wins best industrially relevant poster and Josie Presents)
February visit to Johnson matthey to see the nanoparticle flame synthesis rig (Paul Boldrin's presentation)
February High Thropughput Automation is commisioned and the build begins at Labman
January Jawwad is appointed sectetary to the Colloids and Interface Science Group
December Christmas dinner in Chinatown with Albertina Cabanas
December Saba passes her PhD viva on Bioceramics
September Energy Materials conference
September Polfest - conference to celebrate Martyn Poliakoff's 60th Birthday
July MC8 conference at UCL
1st May CMTG moves to UCL Chemistry and Jawwad A. Darr is appointed Reader in Materials Chemistry. The group moves into the Kathleen Lonsdale Building labs and offices
April Leaving party for the group at Queen Mary, University of London
March RSC Nanoparticles 2 conference at Warwick University
March Xiaole's first paper on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Ceramic Cathode Materials is accepted for publication (within one month of submission)
February Group annouces move to UCL
January The group is awarded another large EPSRC consortium grant on "Engineering for Nanomaterials" call (total joint grant value £1 million)
14th December Christmas dinner at Dhakka Byriani and secret santa
14th December Graduation for Sona and Suela (Jawwad A. Darr's first PhD students)
22nd November Jawwad A. Darr gives an invited lecture at the Engineering Department, Cambridge University
5 - 8th November 8th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids, held in Kyoto, Japan
2nd November Jawwad A. Darr gives an invited lecture at the Engineering Department, Queen Mary, University of London
18th October Andy Hebb and Sonia get jobs. Andy joins LTN as a technology analyst and Sonia pursues a career as a mechcanical engineer (later she took a PDRA position in tissue enginereering as of 2007/08)
2nd October Baby Saif is born weighing 7 lbs 3 oz
1st October Kathryn Thompson joins the group as a PhD student
October Jawwad A. Darr promoted to Senior Lecturer at QMUL Materials Department
September JAD gives Industrial seminar on "High throughput Nanomaterials Discovery" in Reading
September High throughput Nanomaterials Discovery Project begins with Suela's PDRA
August Group record for high throughput is set at 66 samples in one experiment over a few days
August First liquid handling robot delivered. Group consolidates space in eng 271, 272 and 240
July Jawwad A. Darr attends his first RSC colloids and interfaces committee meeting
1st May Josie (the girl from Skipton) starts EPSRC case award PhD
24 - 28th April Invited Lecture (Jawwad) on High Throughput Nanomaterials at NIST in Washington USA and then visit to SRI International Labs in California, USA
20th April Invited Lecture (Jawwad) "Nanomaterials from Supercritical Fluids" at Leeds University
24th March Aqif's first paper is accepted for Chem Commun "Instant Hydroxyapatite; a continuous and rapid synthesis"
24th March Sonia Partap's PhD viva
March Fuel cell research collaboration starts with Imperial College. Initial dielectric materials tested at LSBU
February "High throughput Nanomaterials Discovery for Sustainable Energy Applications", at Imperial College Dept of Materials
February Visit to Rolls Royce Fuel Cell Systems site
January Sonia's paper on "controlled porsoity alginates" is published in high impact factor journal, Advanced Materials
January LTN event on drug delivery
December Christmas dinner at Dhakka Byriani
December Heptagon Life Sciences funding awarded for proof of concept (£90k)
December Jawwad A. Darr led consortium is awarded nearly £1 million from EPSRC for High Throughput Nanomaterials Discovery
23rd November Prize and poster day in the Department of Materials; Kenan Gong is awarded best poster
11 - 15th September 19th Conference on Biomaterials, European Society of Biomaterials
4th July Monisha Phillips graduation
21 - 22nd June "4th Conference and Postgraduate Day" hosted by the UK Society
for Biomaterials (UKSB) in Nottingham: attendees Sonia, Saba (oral presentation) and Kenan. Click here for flyers from our group on 21st and 22nd June.
18th June First CMT group BBQ held at Jawwads House
15th June Ekatarina K. joins CMTG for 2 month research visit from Russia
June CMTG form a consortium to look at addessing photocatlyst discovery programme for generating hydrogen from sunlight
June Yogesh and Tatyana leaving events
May We are awarded an CRYSTAL FARADAY CASE AWARD with AMR technologies on nanoparticle research into lanthanide nano-materials
May Supercritical fluids conference (A. Hebb and S. Kelici) 7th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids, Rosen Centre, Orlando, Florida, USA
5 - 7th April Johnson matthey conference (Boldrin - presentation and Darr)
March We are awarded an Insight Faraday CASE AWARD with Sun Chemicals - The CMTG proposal was ranked first place out of the 4 awarded projects. The project will be to develop nanomaterials with special optical properties
March Aqif Anwar Chawdry joins CMT group from GIKI for a PhD
March New research; nanograined ultra hard copper - the first results
March Dr Jawwad Darr is invited to give a lecture in the British embassy in Japan as part of a week long visit involving a UK delegation of chemists, engineers and UK industry called the "Workshop and Lab Tour On Green Sustainable Processing with Supercritical Fluids". The delegation was led by Professor Martyn Poliakoff {FRS) of Nottingham University
January Visit to Intel and Xaar, respectively, in Cambridge Science Park
December Jawwad A. Darr visits pakistan (between 17th and 27th Dec).
In particular, the visit incoporated the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at GIKI near islamabad
29th September Jawwad A. Darr Gives a lecture at " Exploring the comercial potencial of Bio-nanotechnology and nano-medicine" hosted by the London Technology Network held at the Insitute of Mechanical Engineers
September Paul Boldrin joins CMTG (3 year industrially funded PhD; Johnson Matthey) Jia Ma starts a PhD (enviro-composites). Tatyana and Yogesh (CTES fellows) join CMTG for a project on commecialisation of nanograined coatings
August Andy Hebb to join CMTG (from Liverpool) as a 2-year postdoc in cleaner nanoceramics for inks
June Jawwad A. Darr presents lecture on SCF research at IOM
March Jawwad A. Darr attends the second meeting between UK and Russian academics on Green Chemistry and Catalysis (held in Moscow)
March The group attend Biomateirals workshop [Royal Soc.] and the Supercritical fluids meeting at Birmingham (31st March)
January Chemical Comm. paper accepted - the first CVD of bone mineral like calcium phosphates using two metal-organic volatile precursors
December CMTG is awarded a two-year postdoc grant on Nanotechnology from EPSRC (£120k)
September Kenan Gong joins the group as a PhD student researching drug delivery
13th November Jawwad and Naila celebrate the birth of Elsa and Hannah
September Sonia, Sabba, Suela, Kenan (MSc) and Junlin (MSc) join the CMT group for supercritical fluids based research
September MSc students from various top Chinese Universities join the department
May Jawwad's former supervisor, Martyn Poliakoff is elected as a FRS - our heartfelt congratulations go to Martyn and his family
May - September The CMT Laboratory receives delivery of ISCO syringe pumps, NWA autoclaves and a 450mL stirred Parr autoclave
May Jawwad attended the EPSRC Advanced Research Fellows meeting and Scottish Gala dinner in Edinbugrh University. Jawwad's group of 5 EPSRC fellows were awarded £1000 prize to cover meeting expenses in order to get together and develop future EPSRC grant applications
May Jawwad and colleagues set up a simulataneous thermal analyser (STA 1500C) in the Materials Department - initial trials underway
April Jawwad attended the 8th Meeting on Supercritical Fluids, held in Bordeaux. The work on carbonated biomedical ceramics attracted much interest from industry and academics alike
January The CMT group continue work on their patent for a fully carbonated bone mineral-like material
September Jawwad appointed a Research Lecturer in the Department of Materials. JAD teaches MAT 300 course on energy concepts (thermodynamics) and several MSc lectures on clean technologies / materials characterisation
September Jawwad awarded a 5-year EPSRC Advanced Fellowship (total award over 5 years worth over £227k). The Clean Materials Technology (CMT) Laboratory is established in the IRC in Biomedical Materials