Professor Jawwad A. Darr BSc DIC PhD MRSC
Brief Resume [Click here for curriculum vitae]
1988 - 1991: University of Manchester
BSc Hons Chemistry
1991 - 1995: Imperial College London, PhD
"Air-sensitive Group 2/Ln Synthetic Metal-Organic Chemistry"
1995 - 1996: Imperial College London, Postdoctoral Research
"Synthetic Lanthanide Chemistry and CVD"
1996 - 1999: University of Nottingham, Postdoctoral Research
"Synthesis of Nanoparticles, Composites and Catalysts using Supercritical Fluids (SCFs)"
1999 - 2001: Experimental Officer, Queen Mary, University of London, The IRC in Biomedical Materials
"Synthesis of Biomedical Ceramics and Composites"
2001 - Oct 2006: Advanced Research Fellow and Research Lecturer
Queen Mary, University of London, Department of Materials
2006: Senior Lecturer
Queen Mary University of London
2007 - Present: Reader in Materials Chemistry
University College London, Department of Chemistry
October 2011: Professor in Materials Chemistry
University College London, Department of Chemistry
Current Teaching
2008 - Present: CHEM3141/CHEMM101 Rings, Chains and Clusters (11 lectures)
2009 - Present: CHEM3101 Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (8 lectures)
2011 - Present: Masters course; Advanced Topics in Energy Science and Materials (7 lectures)
Past Teaching (at Queen Mary, University of London)
1998 - 1999: PG lecture course (6 lectures) on thin film deposition methods (MOCVD, etc.) sol-gel, supercritical fluids deposition, University of Nottingham
2001 - 2003: PG Training and lectures on the use of X-ray Powder Diffraction, FTIR, Raman, BET surface area analysis, Department of Materials, QMUL
2001 - 2003: MAT300 (30 lectures); Thermo and Energy Concepts II QMUL
2001 - 2006: COSHH and safety lectures in the IRC and Materials Dept
2002 - 2006: MTRM001 Green Chem PGcourse (10 lectures), Dept Materials, QMUL
2004 - 2006: MAT100 (15 lectures); intro to materials, Dept Materials, QMUL
2004 - 2006: Materials for Engineers Course (20 lectures), City University, London
2007 - 2008: CHEM1101 "Basic Inorganic Chemistry" (6 lectures)